Create A Quality Podcast Using Free Technology & Software

If you are thinking about getting into podcasting but challenged by the equipment you see others using to create podcasts. Maybe you are mobile and do not want to lug equipment around out on the road a lot but have access to the Internet through a laptop and wi-fi?

There are many affordable ways to produce a quality podcast while testing the waters without investing hundreds of dollars in equipment. You can use web based phone conferencing systems with record features and soundboard to create a quality mp3 podcast. Use any audio editing software to turn mono audio files into stereo audio files before uploading and publishing your podcast to the Internet.

There are few barriers to anyone who wants to produce a quality podcast and distribute their message and brand to the world.

The Black Talk Media Project is an NC based non-profit that assists and provides new media services to independent Black media producers in order to elevate marginalized voices. If you are in need of affordable unlimited podcast hosting and/or Internet radio streams, contact the Black Talk Media Project to see if you qualify for special pricing.

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