Internet Ad Blockers could lead to more revenue for podcasters and Internet radio stations

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According to industry news; hundreds of millions of people are deploying ad blockers to block ads on Internet websites. Now those using Apple’s latest mobile operating system using iPads and phones will have the ability to block ads with ad blocking apps as they browse the Internet.

Some people are proclaiming the inability for websites to earn revenue with advertisement will lead to the end of the free internet. However, that is doubtful as the Internet survived in the beginning without ad revenue and we have not experienced an end of free television as millions skip TV advertisements that air during the programs using Digital Video Recorders (DVR) like those provided by cable TV providers. What you may see is websites like CNN charging subscriptions to access online content.

However, as content publishers are freaking out that they may lose revenue they need to pay the expenses involved in creating and distributing content, there are types of web-based media that ad blockers can not filter out and producers of podcasts and Internet radio that reach sizable audiences may see their ad revenues increase if more and more people deploying ad blocking apps.

Podcasts and Internet radio producers are excited by the current trend of ad blockers being deployed by users. Ad blockers cannot block the audio ads and the hope is that more advertisers will look to increase their ad buys with podcasters and Internet-based radio streams. Podcast and Internet radio advertising allows advertisers to target specific audiences who listen to a podcast or Internet based radio stream. The ads can be inserted anywhere in the content.

However, while the future look exciting in terms of revenue growth for podcasters and Internet radio stations, they must make sure that their media is advertiser ready. Even if currently they have no advertisers, producers should get in the habit of taking regular advertisement breaks using audio ads promoting their podcasts, station identification breaks and of course producing a professional product.

Podcasters and Internet radio station managers must be able to track their audiences and be able to produce statistical data that accurately reflects their audience. There are a number of free podcast tracking services like Podtrac that also has a program to help advertisers find content to place their audio ads. The Black Talk Radio Network is configured to use Podtrac with its podcast hosting services. Most Internet radio servers use CentovaCast to track statistics on its listening audience, which is the same software the Black Talk Media Project uses and provides to its client media partners.

The Black Talk Media Project is an NC based non-profit that assists and provides new media services to independent Black media producers in order to elevate marginalized voices. If you are in need of affordable unlimited podcast hosting and/or Internet radio streams, contact the Black Talk Media Project to see if you qualify for special pricing.

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